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"Skip the Repeat" is a podcast hosted by pianist Kai Talim. Through storytelling, we discover how these artists and creatives came to be the people they are today. Enjoy!

Feb 23, 2021

As a nineteen year old college student, Jeannine A. Cook became pregnant. Initially fearing that her life and dreams were over, she eventually rose to meet those challenges, graduating and becoming an educator. Service has always been central to her ideas about what it means to be a human being - through her pivot and...

Feb 16, 2021

Emily and Brian Kellett first met through friends in Columbus, OH - she was a student studying industrial design and he worked as a freelance designer for a local brewery. Now married, today they’re owners of STUMP, a gorgeous plant shop with locations in four different cities - but they never expected to be here....

Feb 9, 2021

When Vikram Nayar was working in finance, he had no idea that entrepreneurship in the beverage industry was his future. In fact, he had no idea what hard seltzer was - he just knew he desired the challenge and grind of entrepreneurship. Today, he is one half of the twin brothers behind hard seltzer brand, Two Robbers.

Feb 2, 2021

Ryan Fitzgerald is a man of many many pivots. And through it all, he’s leaned on two things - a sense of adventure and the belief in himself to figure it out. From screen printing to detailing cars to founding Philly’s hottest supper club, he’s taken the lessons from all of his previous businesses to create...